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How to connect do-it-yourself satellite internet?

Why spend money on laying a special cable and installing special equipment when you can connect satellite Internet with your own hands?

Internet – only a few do without it today. Many go to the vast network of the world to play, relax and chat with interesting people who live far beyond national borders.

Moreover, only a few gain courage and do it yourself. Some stop halfway, regretting the time they spent. Indeed, this requires a certain skill, since further operation depends on the quality of the settings and the built-in parameters for testing.

Others corny lose interest in the idea – they understand that they will have to study many aspects for a long time. And the fact that you want to use the network today, and not in a day, week or month, in general discourages the desire to start something …

Drop all doubt. We have prepared a very rational solution for you. And you can configure the output yourself if you read this article to the end.

All that is required of you is the presence of the following elements:

satellite dish;
equipment designed for data processing;
programs and drivers needed to connect satellite Internet do-it-yourself;
various tools.
With special care for everything about everything, it will take you no more than 10 hours. If you understand some aspects, it is likely that this time will be shortened for you at times.

So, to prove to yourself and others, first decide on the provider. Fortunately, there are plenty of them today so that you can choose the price and quality of the services provided, regardless of what country or state they are in – Tricolor, SatGate, SkyStar, STV, Rainbow Internet, PlanetSky, SpectrumSat, Gazcom. It is necessary so that you can access the satellite channel.

But here you need to remember that each provider puts forward its requirements for equipment, including satellite dishes, transmit-receive units. Not only tariff plans and requirements will help you solve the problem and decide on the provider, but the type of connection that you want to have in your country house, in a private house or in the office.

Single or double sided?
If you decide once and for all to forget about telephone lines and fiber optic cables, then the two-way communication type, referred to as two-way, is designed just for you. This is a symmetrical connection, which is based on the transmission and reception of data exclusively via satellite.

And for this, your antenna should have a Ku-band and a diameter of 1.2-1.8 meters. In this case, the transmitting unit is BUC, and the receiving unit is LNB. There are no other restrictions on elements and equipment to connect satellite Internet with your own hands.

Everything is? Then assemble the antenna strictly in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Prepare the mounting location and determine the correct position depending on the following parameters:

elevation angle
directions to the satellite,
wind load on the mirror antenna,
distance to obstacles.
Without preliminary fixing, other satellite systems, for example, satellite TV, will help you to determine the indications and the best installation of the fixing.

To tune the antenna south, find and install smwlink. Place the plate in an upright position and connect the speaker to the sound card.

Install Fast Sat Finder. Start twisting the antenna. Twist it until the program tells you about the signal level. Catch the maximum and fix the antenna.

Now connect a computer or laptop, and also install the necessary equipment and programs with drivers. If you are creating a satellite connection via a desktop computer, then purchase and install a DVB-Card. To create the ability to access the World Wide Web through a laptop, you will need an external DVB device.

Perform antenna tuning by testing with the computer. Make sure there is no interference on the screen and stable data transmission. The thing is that the indication of the absence of interference on the screen does not always guarantee the stability of the network. So test, test, and test again. Until you stop at the most suitable option for you.

When the antenna is configured, you can start connecting to the provider. To do this, go to the provider’s website and apply for a satellite Internet connection with your own hands.

If you choose one-way connection, then the hardware requirements in this case are not too different. In this case, you should use a satellite card, a dish and an amplifier converter. The installation process is also almost the same.

But remember that a one-way or asymmetric connection allows you to receive via satellite, but you can only transmit data via terrestrial communications. As a result, the speed of your Internet will be less fast than in the case of a symmetric connection. Therefore, you should take care of this type of connection.

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How to connect do-it-yourself satellite internet?
Why spend money on laying a special cable and installing special equipment when you can connect satellite Internet with your own hands? Internet - only a few do without it…