How to connect a computer to WiFi
Some users are interested in the question of how to connect a computer to wifi - how difficult it is and whether it is possible at all. In fact, connecting…

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Подробное описание marble and granite slabs на нашем сайте.
What to do if the keyboard does not work on the computer
Why the computer keyboard does not work Each computer user may have a keyboard problem, and in this case, you need to find the answer to the question: why the…

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How to get rid of Webalta
One of the search engines of the Russian Internet is Webalta. She has a kind of promotion technology. This is reflected in the fact that many Internet users once detect…

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How to create an online store yourself

An increasing number of Internet users are thinking about how to create an online store with minimal costs and thus earn money. An online store can be attributed to the most affordable, convenient and profitable of them – with the right approach to business.

Online store: advantages and disadvantages

There is no doubt that the online store whose advantages are obvious is a good way to make money, but, like everything else, it has its drawbacks. However, there are only two of them and they are not so significant:

1) You will not see your first “Internet salary” soon – it will take several months before you can earn money. But remember: if you begin to work seriously and stock up on patience, then one day the day will come when you will be paid in full.

2) You will not be able to create an online store absolutely free – you will need to invest certain, albeit small, funds in this enterprise. There are at least three things that you cannot get for nothing. You will need:

buy hosting;
acquire a domain name;
rent a place for your future store from a hosting provider.
You can buy both hosting and domain from the same seller-registrar.

So, the negative sides are identified. If they didn’t scare you, we pass to pluses. Among them are the following:

to create your own online platform, you don’t need to have special knowledge in the field of building sites and creating designs, since there are many services that are perfectly able to optimize these processes;
you don’t need to hire workers – at least at first, until you “untwist” your project;
You don’t have to worry about creating a shop window – it will be the store’s catalog;
you will not keep the goods at home, since its deliveries will be carried out directly from suppliers’ warehouses;
sales of goods can be made from anywhere in the country;
the assortment of goods can be as wide as you want;
open your online store at the lowest possible cost.
Preliminary steps
Suppose you purchased a domain and hosting, a store location was found. The time has come to decide on some very important questions. The first is what exactly will you sell? You should be well versed in your chosen direction. Then you can most competently tell your user audience about the purpose, advantages and advantages of the product, while modestly keeping silent about its shortcomings.

Any successful online store must have many buyers. So the question arises – how wide is your target audience? Check it out easily. Enter the name of your product in the search engine: this will help you determine how many requests are received. The more people are interested in this category of product, the better for you. But remember the competition: you will have to try to properly advertise your products and explain why they are the best.

Your next step is to choose a suitable supplier (it is better if there will be several). Suppliers must be reliable, trustworthy. It is best if the goods will be provided by the supplier at the wholesale price, but by the piece. Of course, to find such suppliers, altruists is not easy: such are extremely rare, but they still exist.

After that, you should consider the following important details:

The cost of the goods and margins – the high price of the goods will not help you earn, but only alienate the potential buyer. Carefully study the prices from competitors. To begin with, the cost of your products should be slightly lower than theirs, but do not focus on too low prices.
Delivery – offer customers the most convenient ways to deliver the goods. For starters, it can be pickup, Russian post, express delivery. Be sure to include reasonable shipping rates.
Payment – it should be convenient for customers to pay for goods, so offer them some of the most comfortable options, for example, through electronic payment systems (Yandex.Money, WebMoney, etc.), plastic bank cards, cash (for pickup), bank transfer.
Platform for online store
Now you can talk about technical issues, and the first one is the choice of a platform for an online store. If you want to open an online store yourself, use ready-made engines, such as VirtueMart, 1C-Bitrix, Drupal, OsEcommerce and others. But they have a drawback: each of these platforms, having wide functionality, requires certain experience and knowledge, without which it will be difficult to figure out what’s what and configure the engine for yourself.

If you do not have experience, but still want to create an online store engine, you will need it easier. Use an online service that does not require special skills. Examples of such are and uCoz. There are other platforms. They are free, affordable, easy to use.

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