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How to connect wifi yourself

Using Wi-Fi at home is very convenient. This allows you to get rid of wires, which cause a lot of inconvenience, and open access to the Internet for any portable devices that support Wi-Fi connection. For the average user, connecting wifi is the main task that must be completed for wireless use of the Internet. The right choice and configuration of equipment will allow you to get a stable high-speed Wi-Fi connection and enjoy access to the Internet not only in your home, but also outside it. The connection range, depending on the model, can be in the range of 50-100 meters or more.

Choosing a Wi-Fi Router
In order to set up a Wi-Fi connection at home after wiring a cable Internet, you need to buy a router. But how to choose and configure a router?

First you need to determine the type of router. There are models for connecting the Internet through the ADSL telephone line and through cable Internet via a dedicated Ethernet line. The latter are the most common, because ADSL is now quite rare.

Routers of various types are on sale; when choosing a model, you should take into account such characteristics as data transfer speed, signal quality, comfort during operation. Among the models widely used for home use, one of the most common is the D-Link DIR-620, which works according to the 802.11n standard. This model is equipped with two antennas, which ensures good quality Wi-Fi. The installation and configuration of routers of various models designed for domestic use is almost the same, therefore, after understanding the D-Link DIR-620, you can install any other models. Some of the nuances in setting parameters may vary depending on which version of the firmware is installed, even on exactly the same models.

Install and configure the router
The first thing to do is to connect an Internet cable to the router and plug it into the network. The cable is connected via the Ethernet port, then you need to connect a laptop or computer via a network cable to the router. This is done to configure the Wi-Fi connection, after which the use of wires is no longer needed for devices that support Wi-Fi connection, and it will be possible to use the Internet not only from a computer, but also from a smartphone and other devices.

In order to go into the settings of the D-Link DIR-620 router, you need to type the following IP address in the browser: In case of successful login, a window will appear on the screen asking for the login and password. For routers of this model, the default username and password is admin. After entering, the main settings menu of the router will open.

The next step is to go to the “Network” sections, and then to the Wan connection. In the window that appears, you will need to check the boxes automatically, where available, and also select the IPoE connection type, and then save the settings.

The next step is setting up a Wi-Fi connection, which can be done in the corresponding subsection. There you will need to check the box on turning on the wireless connection, select the maximum number of connected users and select the automatic channel. To protect the connection from connecting to third-party users, you need to go to the “Security” section and set WPA-PSK / WPA2-PSK mixed in network authentication, after which a field will appear in which you can enter a password to connect to your access point.

In the WAN settings, you will also need to specify your data from the provider, namely the username and password for connecting to the Internet. As a result, you can always connect to the router via Wi-Fi without authorization, which is much faster and easier.

Computer Connection Settings
The computer recognizes the connected router only if the network is configured correctly, otherwise it will not work to go into the settings of the router after it is connected to the computer. The device will be visible if it enters the same network as the computer. Therefore, you will need to configure the IP network, address and subnet mask. In the IP address field, enter Subnet Mask These parameters will need to be entered in the TCP / IP properties on the computer.

Useful tips for choosing a router and settings
When buying a router, it is best to give preference to models with not one, but with several antennas. Preferably, they should be removable, which will allow replacement in the event of a breakdown. Models with removable antennas are usually more expensive, but if they break, they can always be bought separately and installed.

In the case when the signal is unstable after connecting and configuring the connection, you must try to place the router in another place so that there are as few obstacles in the signal path as possible, then its range will increase significantly, as well as the Wi-Fi connection speed.

When creating a password, do not limit yourself to short and simple options, because you can easily crack them and use your Internet for other users.

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