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Making the internet anonymous: TOR network

Many people are already aware that anonymity on the network is important not only for the reason that you want to visit any resources with impunity. Many users are forced to use the so-called onion network to perform basic work operations or to avoid unnecessary control over their actions. Unfortunately, our life is not as harmonious as we would like, so almost every user has to use the TOR network sooner or later.

For example, a network may be useful to you if you visit an unfamiliar computer where you are afraid to leave your data to strangers. TOR erases all traces of a visit, and also masks the route, so that in the future it becomes simply impossible to find out which computer and who performed any actions.

Some browsers, such as Chrome, carefully suggest using the incognito mode, but it’s obvious that at the same time some information is logged and is not completely safe.

What is a Tor network?
TOR is a virtual tunnel system through which all network information passes. In essence, the system operates on the basis of an application that disguises websites and other information that can be used to identify a user’s computer.

Deciphering the name explains the term onion network. The Onion Router – this is the abbreviation for TOR. Why is the word bow present? Because the route is masked in a multilayer way, and onions, as you know, have a hundred clothes.

When TOR is turned on, a basic browser is launched, which forms a user-friendly and familiar interface. In fact, the computer perceives the application as a regular Firefox browser. When connected to any site, the TOR network finds 3 random nodes, then selects individual keys, and encrypts the data using them on the entire route path.

Each node perceives only its own key, and immediately after decryption of the first node, TOR switches to the next node, which again decrypts with the next key, then decrypts the other nodes and moves to the end point of the route with such jumps.

How does this happen in real life?
Suppose you run the TOR browser. What happens next?

1.You enter the site address;

2. The TOR client requests addresses in the directory server. Then several addresses are selected from the list that are instantly encrypted;

3.Then a packet of keys is sent to the first node, where only the address of the next node can be decrypted, but not all the others. Having received permission, proceeds to the next point on the route;

4. After the end point of the route is reached, the access signal is sent back in the same way.

Since each part of the chain is encrypted, using a TOR network becomes the safest way to avoid snooping.

How to use the TOR network?
First, you need to find a site from which you can download the TOR client. This is not difficult to do, because at the request of TOR, the Russian version of any search engine will give you dozens of sites. There are many customers. Although the most popular was and remains the site It is in English, although you can download the Russian version of TOR from it.

Installing the plugin is simple and requires no further explanation. Even if you don’t understand anything about the Internet, you’ll figure out how to download and install the client. And it’s not difficult to use it at all. There is a small problem: the browser sometimes freezes up, then in the processes it is necessary to disable running applications: TOR.exe and Firefox.exe. And then start the client again.

Actually, if you do not use the Firefox browser, then there is no need to install it. All scripts are built into the client by default, and the browser works as an extra. You can use it at the same time and another browser, for example, your favorite Chrome or Opera. This will not affect the speed of the computer.

What you should not do in TOR
When using a browser for urgent purposes, do not forget that the network is slow, which is why it is often overloaded. Many people for some reason do not want to understand simple things: the more they load the network, for example, downloading torrent files from forbidden resources, the worse they do to themselves.

The network is supported by enthusiasts who want to bypass Internet censorship and give all of humanity (no matter how pathetic it sounds) the opportunity to surf all the corners of the network.

If you use TOR literally for all purposes, then it only slows down the network as a whole, as well as the speed of your computer, because sometimes TOR requires so many system resources that other working programs hang.

Also, do not use the TOR network for fraudulent purposes. It is worth remembering that if they want to find you, no anonymizer will help you.

TOR displays media files very poorly and often incorrectly, so some functions will simply be unavailable, or you will need to constantly restart the browser.

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