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Install and configure hmailserver

The hmailserver mail server developed by Martin Knife is completely free and works with the Windows operating system platform. The server is equipped with tools such as backup, administration, it also supports email protocols such as POP3, IMAP, SMTP. All messages arriving by mail are stored in the MIME format on the hard disk, and indexes and settings in databases such as MySQL, MSSQL and others. This mail server is equipped with the most necessary and common functions that are supported by most other similar resources. The most common ones include mailing lists, multimedia, aliases, and others. In order for the mail service to work with maximum performance and provide comfort in working with mail, it must be correctly configured. It is also possible to use various clients to work with hmailserver, which must also be configured correctly.

Install hmailserver

First you need to install the hmailserver server on your computer, during installation you will need to select the MySQL or MSSQL database, after which the installation will continue. In the hmailserver database Setup application, which opens at the very end of the installation, you will need to register the data for the connection and indicate the type of the selected database, it is best to choose MySQL for the server to work properly, because in others there may be various problems that make it difficult to work. As a client, you can install VertrigoServ or any other program for working with mail at the discretion of the user. After installing the client, you will need to find the limb ysql.dll file in the folder where it is installed and transfer it to the Bin folder where the hmailserver mail server is installed. During installation, you will need to select a username, set a password, specify port 3306 and server address

After installing the program for the convenience of its use, you need to conduct Russification. If knowledge of the English language allows, then you can do without Russification. To Russify a mail server, you need to completely stop its operation through the Control Panel – Administration. In the “Services” tab, find the name of the mail server and stop it using the “Stop” command. Then it remains only to transfer the Russification file to the folder with the languages ​​of the installed hmailserver mail server. To complete the Russification, you must enter the program by entering the previously set password and login. In the administration window, go to the File Select Language menu and set the Russian language. After restarting the program menu will be in Russian.

Hmailserver setup

Going to the program, you need to add the domain and user. To add a domain after clicking the “Add Domain” button, you will need to enter its name, and then save it. To create a user, you must first go to the Accounts folder and add a new one by entering a name, choosing the most convenient and memorable one.

The next setup step is to set up message protocols. Enable the logging of letters that will come to your inbox. To log messages in most cases, you need to set the POP3 and SMTP protocols for incoming and outgoing mail, after which you need to save the changes by clicking the corresponding button.

You can use hmailserver free mail not only through clients such as VertrigoServ, but also through the Internet browser that you use. In the latter case, you will need to install phpwebadmin, used as an interface. Without it, starting the mail server through the browser will fail.

Install phpwebadmin interface

To install, you first need to download the distribution package with the application and install it in the folder of the Internet browser used to operate. In order to start the interface and get useful additional features in it, it will be necessary to create a configuration file called This can be done using any text editor, in which a file with the above name is created first, then data from the file is moved to it, edited and transferred to the main directory of the installed interface.

To work with the mail server, you can install the RoundCubeMail script. To do this, you need to download the script archive and move it to the folder with the VertrigoServ client installed, it is better to completely clear it first. The next step is to create the MyAQL database, after which the main installation of RoundCubeMail begins.

During installation, the computer will be scanned first, this is necessary to make sure that the computer system meets the RoundCubeMail installation requirements. If the installation fails, you may need to make the necessary changes.

The next step in installing RoundCubeMail is to copy the configuration files, which should be in the config folder.

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Install and configure hmailserver
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