What is hosting and why is it needed
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Installing the Wordpress engine is easy!
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How to transfer a site to another domain: instructions

The question of how to transfer a site to another domain often arises before the “site owners”. This may be necessary for a number of reasons. For example, I wanted to take the name more beautifully and more sonically, or the existing domain turned out to be under the AGS, and therefore the algorithm needs to be bypassed somehow. And maybe the domain is not located under the AGS, however, it has not been indexed for a long time – it often happens (search engine support consoles that everything is fine and you just have to wait, but the wait stretches for many months). But the reason is not the reason for changing the domain name, but how exactly to change it. Let’s talk about this in this article.

Migrating the database and files
If you need to send the site to a new domain, then your first step is to transfer the database and files, which is not so difficult to do. To create an exact copy of your resource on the new domain, copy all the files from the previous hosting without exception, and then simply upload them to another. But if you operate within the same hosting, the task is simplified: find any folder associated with the new domain name, and copy all the information into it.

No hosting change
If replacing the hosting provider is not included in your plans, then the database, as a rule, does not need to be transferred at all. In general, this process depends on a number of settings of your hoster, however, in the vast majority of cases, the database is not tied to a specific site, but to your account. In other words, on the new resource it will function in exactly the same way – provided that the site is in the same account. This state of affairs, of course, is extremely convenient, since you do not need to rewrite all the data in order to provide a connection to the database.

With hosting replacement
If you are expected to move to another hosting, you need to save the database dump completely – the easiest way to do this is through the phpMyAdmin service, which is located on the hosting in the tab called “Export”.

When you transfer everything safely, you need to register a DNS address for your brand new domain name. Wait until the data is updated and the website is available on the new domain. Make sure that everything works clearly and accurately, and then proceed to the next step.

Redirect from the previous domain
Your next task is to issue a redirect – the fact is that a redirect from the previous domain will provide the user with an automatic transition to a new resource.ru after entering the old one. Your actions:

It is necessary to place the “.htaccess” file in the root directory of the previous site, however, if this file already exists, it is, of course, not necessary to load it again.
In the indicated file write the following code: “RewriteEngine On RewriteCond% {HTTP_HOST} ^ oldsite.ru RewriteRule (. *) Http: // newsite.ru/$1 [R = 301, L]”. This wise phrase is called the 301st redirect. Its task is to inform that the page has permanently moved to a new address. Search engines perceive the “301st” absolutely adequately, so do not worry about possible sanctions. Through this redirect to new pages should be transferred and weight (via external links).
As a matter of fact, the process of transferring your Internet project ends here: the site is already conveniently located at a new address and easily accessible, and users (like search engine robots), going to the old and familiar address, will be automatically redirected to your new “residence” resource. However, one more detail remained – small, but extremely important, because your traffic depends on it. It is, of course, about your favorite visitors.

We care about visitors
Surely your website has its own target audience, and consequently, regular visitors. And it doesn’t matter how many there are – you have to take care of them and show them elementary respect. Be sure to inform your users that your resource has moved to a new domain: just post a corresponding announcement for a while.

If you have a group of subscribers, whether through rss, via mailing lists, social networks or email and so on, be sure to write and send them a letter in which they will inform you about the site’s move. This way you will not lose your visitors and subscribers.

Additional questions
When the owner of a web resource goes through the transfer of a site to a new domain, he may encounter such a problem: on the pages of the resource, some pictures and links are written with an indication of the previous domain (for example, when a picture is inserted into WordPress, while always indicating the full path with the designation domain name). If you notice that this happened to you, solve the problem in one of two ways:

If there is not enough textual information on the site, correct the links and images manually.
If there are a lot of articles, do this:
download MySQL (database dump);
open it in any editor (notepad will do as well);
automatically replace “old domain.ru” with “new domain.ru”;
upload a new database dump to the hosting.

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