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How to download movies from the Internet for free

The question of how to safely and freely download movies from the Internet worries many novice users. The possibilities of the Internet are incredibly huge, in it you can find almost any information, including video and music. But it’s one thing to watch movies online, and it’s quite another to have them in your own film library. Moreover, at low speeds of Internet connections, online browsing is not too comfortable. To “get” a movie, you just need to find it on the Web and download it to your computer.

Movie download methods
You can download movies from the Internet for free in different ways, and all methods of downloading movies are effective in their own way. Therefore, everyone chooses the one that suits him best. You can upload movies to your computer as follows:

directly from special Internet resources:
via torrent;
through file hosting.
Consider each free method in more detail.

Download movies directly
There are resources from which you can download movies directly. Among these resources, there are serious and completely safe projects that host an exclusively “clean” film library: the administration very carefully scans every film for viruses before finally posting it on the resource.

Films on the site are laid out by ordinary users who, out of altruistic, and therefore very commendable motives, want to share their movie library with other people. The main thing is to find the appropriate resource from which you can download videos directly (user reviews and forums will greatly help you with this).

Downloading a movie from such a resource is very simple. Drive the name of the movie into the site’s search engine, then open one of the query results. Near the description of the film you will see the button “Download”. One click – and a window pops up in front of you offering to save the movie to a folder convenient for you on a particular PC drive. Select the “save location”, click “Save” – ​​and the movie starts to swing. At the end of the download, the system will notify you of this and offer to open the freshly downloaded file using the appropriate program (such movie programs are usually installed by default on the computer).

It may happen that the film is downloaded in archived form. It is advisable to “probe” it with an antivirus before unpacking the archive – just in case. Download time depends on the speed of the Internet connection and the capabilities of the resource, but on average the download does not last long.

Download via file hosting
In order to download a movie through a file hosting service, enter the name of the filmstrip in the browser search bar and select any result from the proposed ones. Do not limit yourself to just one site – it is possible that on another the film will be offered in the best quality and with the best translation. And pay attention to the format. You will find all this information next to the film’s description.

If the format, translation and quality of the movie suits you, click on the “Download” button. You will be redirected to the page of one or another file hosting service, where you will be offered at least three download options:

1) free – with viewing ads and slow speed,

2) paid – with fast loading,

3) premium access, in which a movie can be downloaded instantly for a fee.

You can safely choose a free download: in good file hosting services, slow download is a relative concept: in 5 minutes the film, of course, will not load, but usually it does not take much time. Wait a bit – but get your movie for free!

So, if you chose a free download, check this box, then abandon the demo period (refusal is not required in all file hosting services). Next, a new page will open, where you will need to enter captcha – a few characters from the picture. If everything is in order and you were not mistaken when entering characters (sometimes they are very “hard to recognize” – in this case, try changing the picture), a link to download the movie will appear. Click on it to start the download, then specify the folder where you want to place the file, and just wait for the download to finish (which, again, the system will notify you).

If you are asked to register on the resource to get the coveted download link, look for your movie on other sites where registration is not required. But you can register – it will take a couple of minutes. If you are asked to provide your mobile phone number for the link, leave the site and go to other resources: you run the risk of being left without money on your mobile account.

Download movies via torrent
A method such as downloading movies via torrent is preferred by many users. To do this, you will need a torrent program, for example µTorrent. Install this application on your PC (download it from the official site for security reasons), then download the torrent file with the movie and open it using µTorrent. After that, you just have to wait for the download to complete.

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