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How to create an online store yourself

Online stores are becoming more and more, the online retail market is booming. Today, newcomers can still enter the niche of online trading without investing solid funds in the promotion of the site. Beginners are wondering if you can create an online store yourself. After all, buying a finished site or developing a project will be expensive.

Constructors: online store with minimal investment
The easiest way to create a store on the Web is known even to students. It’s about site designers. There are many such services on the Internet, and every year there are only more of them. Free designers have both advantages and obvious disadvantages. The main advantage of these services is the ability to develop a resource without investing a dime.

All online designers can be called rather shareware. If the owner intends to make a solid site, then he will have to take advantage of the proposed tariffs. The drawbacks of the designer here are fully manifested, because the tariffs of the owner of the system are much higher than those of the hosting provider.

At the same time, in order to make the site look decent, there are few standard templates. Webmasters will need to buy one of the paid options for templates or order its development. If the owner of the site is versed in web design and programming languages, then he can develop the template himself. However, statistics show that such specialists rarely create sites in designers.

Constructors are a solution for beginners. They usually do not create complex commercial projects for hundreds of thousands of units of goods. If the assortment of the store is not so extensive, then you can use such a platform. However, at the first opportunity it is better to choose a different solution.

Free engines
You can create your own online store using free and relatively simple CMS. The easiest of the engines is WordPress. It can also be called the most popular, because this system is used in dozens of countries by entrepreneurs of different levels. At WordPress, you can develop a store. One of the advantages of the engine is that, even ordering the development of a store from professionals, the webmaster does not overpay. Creating templates for WordPress is carried out by hundreds of specialists.

Another convenient engine for creating stores is Joomla. “Jumla” is attractive in that this system has the advantages of paid CMS and lacks many disadvantages. The engine is powerful enough, so it is easy to create large online stores and portals. Even if the entrepreneur is new to web mastering, he can find detailed documentation in Russian on Joomla.

There are many free templates and plugins for Joomla. On the Internet, the user will also find large communities dedicated to this system. Any questions on the use of the engine are resolved in the process of creating the store.

All this does not mean that the engine is completely devoid of flaws. Ideal CMS is not even among the paid options. Advantages of “Jumla” in the accessibility and ease of this system.

A more complex option is the Drupal engine. This CMS is even more powerful than Jumla, and many Internet entrepreneurs value it. The only drawback of the engine is that the system documentation is available primarily in English. In addition, some features of Drupal are available only with the purchase of paid plug-ins.

Buying Paid Engines
You can create your own online store with one of the paid engines. Buying a license will cost less than working with a web studio. One popular system is 1C Bitrix. This is a convenient solution for stores of any format. When buying, an entrepreneur has the opportunity to choose from a whole line of software products that version of the engine that meets his needs.

Among the paid engines, the Bitrix system is the absolute leader. It is chosen by both novice entrepreneurs who create small web resources, as well as large online retailers. CMS has very few competitors, the main competitor of the system is the free Joomla engine.

Of course, Bitrix is ​​not the only system that is used for commercial purposes to create online stores. Among businessmen there are supporters of such CMS as UMI, NetCat, Shop-Script and HostCMS.

Engine selection criteria
When choosing an engine, paid or free, the following criteria must be considered:

– It is desirable that the engine has a demo version (for paid systems);
– CMS should be easily installed, including on a local hosting;
– well, if the system allows importing into Yandex.Market;
– the engine must meet system requirements;
– An important property of the system is the extensibility of its functionality using various plugins and other means;
– CMS must have available documentation in Russian;
– Integration with 1C greatly simplifies life;
– the presence of several versions of the software product is welcome.

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