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How to find out a password from someone else’s Wi-Fi: ways

So, you want to get on the Internet, but using other people’s wireless networks, but this does not work, because these networks are password protected. Of course, you have a reasonable question: how to find out the password from someone else’s wifi, and preferably without involving a third party.

There are several ways, each of which will help to find out someone else’s Wi-Fi password. Of course, you can consult a specialist, but you can cope with the task yourself. We are interested in the latter option, in addition, on the Internet you can find many free programs with which it will be easy to find out the neighbor’s wifi password.

Reasons for hacking Wi-Fi
Wireless Wi-Fi network is hacked for a number of reasons, namely:

1) to get the opportunity to use a free internet connection;

2) for communication with the family during long trips (often such services in hotels are expensive);

3) to decrypt incoming traffic and access to one or another victim’s account;

4) for the so-called industrial espionage;

5) in order to test their own network for the subject of someone else’s penetration.

Regardless of the reason, in order to decrypt the code in the WPA-system, they use the CommView program (traffic analyzer), as well as the Aircrack-ng 1.1 application. Both software is used on any computer device with the Windows operating platform.

Helper programs
To get started, download CommView for Wi-Fi. When the archive downloads, unzip it and make sure that the list of supported external devices includes your own available wireless adapter. Software installation is performed by default. If necessary, you can update the driver for the card.

You will need the Airrack-ng application, which has a wonderful feature: the ability to collect all available packages from the Web. But the Windows OS using its standard drivers blocks this feature, and therefore the card does not connect to the Internet. You can solve this problem by installing a special driver. But if you use Аircrack-ng together with the CommView for Wi-Fi utility, you do not need to reinstall the drivers.

Instructions: we learn the password from the neighbor Wi-Fi
After starting CommView software, restart the computer device. Now it remains only to determine the password from the Wi-Fi neighbor, and for this, proceed as follows:

1) Go to the menu and open the “Rules” section – in it mark the “Packet Date” and “Capture” items with “birds”.

2) Go to the “Settings” and check the boxes with the necessary items.

3) Open the “Memory Usage” tab and enter in it the number of packets in the buffer, the number of lines and the speed of connecting to the Internet.

4) In the main window of the software, look for the Log-files and set the function “Autosave”. Indicate the maximum file size (5 m) and directory (200 m).

5) Start searching by clicking on the “Capture” button, after which the accumulation of packets will begin, the number of which may approach 2 million. On the screen to the right, you will see a list of signals in the access area with the corresponding characteristics.

6) Wait until the accumulation process is completed, then press the key combination “Ctrl” + “L”. Save the Log-files and transfer them to the * cap extension – this is what the Aircrack utility works with. The conversion is performed in the following sequence: file -> view Log files -> Log Viewer. Then: file -> load CommView Log file. After the download is completed: file -> export Log files -> format (Tcpdump).

Last steps
Now you will need another program – Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0. Install it (the graphical shell of the program should be available to you). Find the folder where AirCrack is located, open it and in the “Settings” set the path to the package file, encryption type (WEP) and key size. Click on “Launch.”

After the search, you will see a new window where you need to enter the number of that adept to which the group of initialization vectors (IVs) corresponds. After that, the program will determine the ASCII-encoded key.

The thing is done, and now you can connect to someone else’s network. Launch CommView, go to “Settings” and enter the code you found in sixteen-digit form.

You will see the requests in the current IP connections. Open the Packets tab and select the line “Reconstruct TCP Session”. Enjoy neighborhood Wi-Fi!

other methods
There are several more ways that will help to learn and use the password from someone else’s wi fi. An easy way is to use the Bruteforce program. However, this program has low efficiency: in automatic mode, the utility will enter digital and symbolic combinations from its own database and will “calm down” only when it finds a match. However, the program is popular among regular users, far from the nuances of programming and hacking.

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