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Why slows down video on a computer

Most often, malfunctions in the operating systems of Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 are the result of hardware violations or software failures. The most common problem that users face is incorrect display and slowdown when playing videos. In this article we will talk about this problem and find out why the video slows down on the computer.

This is manifested in fading and jerking, and often extraneous “artifacts” appear on the screen. Sound in this case can be ahead of the picture or vice versa late. This problem is observed regardless of the quality of the video being played, whether it be HD or the simplest and most common SD quality format.

The reason for this is a software or hardware problem. We will consider each of them in more detail.

Software malfunctions can be caused for the following reasons:

1. Incorrectly installed codecs or their outdated version. Recall that codecs are sets of special library packages, thanks to which the operating system “learns” how to correctly play one or another media file format. If the codec needed for playback is missing, then the video starts to slow down or does not play at all.

2. Outdated software for the video adapter, in other words, drivers. This reason is a malfunction when playing video, in most cases it is observed after reinstalling the operating system. If the driver for the installed video card is not in the standard database of system drivers, then it installs the standard software package. To fix the problem caused by outdated or incorrectly installed drivers for the video card, first of all you need to find out which model is installed on the computer, then download the current version of the software from the manufacturer’s official website and install it.

3. Problems caused by disruption of the system processes. For example, it may be too many simultaneously running processes. It is not necessary that they will be displayed on the screen, many of them work in the background. Most often this happens after a user installs many programs, for example, two or more anti-virus systems, many “unnecessary programs” and boot loaders, which are located in the tray, but at the same time seriously load the processor and take up memory space. To solve the problem of incorrect display of video on a computer, it is not at all necessary to remove all programs, especially which you are not aware of. The best solution would be to remove some of them from startup. This procedure can be carried out through a special registry editor, but this requires special skills. For ordinary people, the easiest way is to use a specialized program to clean the registry and autorun. The most common and well-established programs are: CCleaner, RegCleaner, and Starter.

4. Infection of a computer with viruses. In many cases, the reason for the incorrect display of the video is a high viral activity. More prone to this kind of problem, users who do not secure their computer by installing licensed antivirus software.

If after installing the antivirus and a full scan of the computer, malware was not detected, then you should pay attention to other reasons why the video slows down.

Hardware violations.

If the computer is outdated, the first thing you need to pay attention to is a video card. Improper display when playing media files can be caused by overheating of radiators that are dirty with dust. Clean the radiators from dust and check if the thermal grease located between the microcircuit and the radiator is dry. In case of drying, it loses its properties and requires replacement. If the computer is more than 5 years old, then the problem of why the video slows down can be caused by a banal lack of RAM. New versions of operating systems appear almost every year, meanwhile, many users do not think about the fact that they require large computing power of the computer. If there is not enough RAM, then it is reasonable to set the bar or replace the old memory with a new one with a large capacity.

If the problem of video playback is observed when watching movies online, you should consider the speed of the Internet connection. With insufficient bandwidth connection, video playback is jerky. You can measure the actual connection speed using the SpeedTest.net service. Often, to fix the problems of playing onlain video, you need to check the relevance of Flash Player and, if necessary, update it on the official Adobe website.

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