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How to check the monitor for dead pixels

The acquisition of a computer, laptop or other gadget is a responsible undertaking. Even in the new technology, there may be obvious and hidden defects. Dead (or dead) pixels – a common malfunction that violates the integrity of the image on the display. If a single cell does not work, then the change in image quality with the naked eye, as a rule, is not recorded. But if a group of pixels is damaged, then the perception of the picture is impaired.

Defective pixels form a black, white or color dot, which distracts when working on a PC and interferes with video viewing. The cause of the defect is a malfunction of the matrix elements. In this regard, each potential buyer of an electronic device needs to know how to check the monitor for dead pixels.

Checking the monitor for defective pixels
Experts offer several ways to check the monitor for dead pixels. Consider the most reliable of them.

Monitor inspection
The easiest way is to carefully inspect the screen. To visually determine if there are any defective pixels, do the following:

wipe the display to remove dust and possible fingerprints;
set the optimal resolution level;
using a plain background (screen fill), we alternately change the achromatic colors (white, black) and the main chromatic colors (red, yellow, blue, green).
Screen color change function is provided by software. So, for example, in Windows 10, the color fill is done this way:

we enter the “Settings” application, select the “Personalization” section;
set “Solid color” in the “Background” section;
click “Optional color”, choosing a white or light gray tint in the color palette;
after clicking “Finish”, go to the “Taskbar” and turn on the function “Automatically hide the taskbar in desktop mode”.
Each time you change the background, you should carefully inspect the monitor for empty or luminous dots. Their detection indicates defects in the matrix.

Using utilities
When testing the monitor for broken pixels, you can use special utilities. Among the popular tools for users to search for broken pixels:

Many experts consider IsMyLcdOK one of the best utilities designed to detect defective pixels. You can download the test program from the resource
After the test utility is launched, you should press the numbers from 1 to 9 on the keyboard. As you click on the next digit, the screen fills with a certain color. If you carefully look at the monitor, then after 2 – 4 fills, you can notice damaged pixels. The program is compatible with all versions of Windows and takes 30 KB, in connection with which, it can be dropped on a USB flash drive, and then run on any computer.
Monitor test
The program, supported by all versions of Windows, allows you to quickly find dead pixels. To start testing, after starting, you should change the color mode of the fill and change the picture. If you wish, you can use the automatic mode by simply pressing the letter A on the keyboard. With auto mode, the pictures on the screen will change independently at certain intervals. You can download the test at
Online services
To detect dead pixels, online services are used. The principle of their operation is the same as that of the utilities, but for verification it is necessary to connect to the Internet network, which is not a problem in specialized stores. During testing, the fill color of the screen also changes, and you only need to carefully monitor the image so as not to miss a possible defect.
Among the popular online service Monteon, located on the site Using this service, you can conduct a universal monitor check. There are tests for sharpness, contrast, color reproduction, and, of course, for the search for dead pixels. The resource launch algorithm is as follows:
on the main page, click the “Start” button, after which the full-screen viewing mode will open;
By clicking on the arrows or simply clicking on the center of the page, we leaf through the slides, closely watching whether a black dot has appeared, which is a broken pixel.
The CatLair website is very convenient for detecting broken pixels. Resource address: In addition to searching for defective matrix cells, the online service makes a number of options available: color balancing, adjusting image stability, setting the display clock frequency. Testing is performed as follows:
going to the site page, press the F11 key to expand the window to fit the display;
by clicking on the icons on the control panel, we change the background pictures.
Each test is accompanied by a detailed description indicating what to look for when checking.
There are other utilities and online services that you can use to diagnose the monitor.

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