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How to check your internet connection speed

Most often, Internet users seek to save money and choose a particular provider at the cost of its services. This is a completely logical approach, but do not forget about one more thing and figure out how to check the speed of the Internet connection that this or that provider can offer.

Indeed, it often turns out that the provider claims one speed in the description of the service or tariff, but in reality it turns out to be completely different. This parameter of the Internet connection must be checked, if only because low indicators will not allow to fully use all the functions of the Internet. For example, watch videos, participate in webinars in real time and talk on Skype.

The speed measurement will also make sure that you have chosen the right provider and tariff and if you are not wasting money by paying for the slow Internet.

In what units is the Internet connection speed measured
Internet connection speed is measured in megabytes and megabytes per second. In this case, the bits are indicated by lowercase (small) letters (Kb and Mb), and the bytes, respectively, are uppercase (KB and MB).

It is also important to know that one byte is equal to eight bits, therefore, one kilobyte consists of 1,024 bytes. One megabyte equals 1,024 kilobytes. However, in reality, to simplify the calculations, these numbers are rounded to a thousand. Therefore, there may be slight differences in the calculations, although accuracy to the last bit is not required.

Internet connection speed means the amount of data that can be transmitted over a specific unit of time through an Internet channel. The unit of time is one second.

As a rule, the speed of Internet connection is indicated by two digital indicators. The first indicator indicates how fast the computer receives information from the network, and the second indicates the speed of data transmission to the network. Usually, the first channel has a higher speed, because ordinary Internet users do not need to transfer huge amounts of data to the network. Most often, users download information from the network.

Check your internet connection speed
There are several ways to check the speed of your Internet connection. If you are looking for a way to check the speed of your Internet connection, then you have a choice.

The first method is one of the most expensive, but not so necessary. You can simply call home specialists who will check all the parameters, including the quality of the connection.

The second way is to check the speed using specialized Internet services. This method is the fastest, but not always accurate. The fact is that the check takes place through the servers, which may simply be loaded at the moment when you check the speed. As a result, the figure will be inaccurate.

To find such Internet services on the Internet is quite simple. To do this, type in the query “check the speed of your Internet connection” in any search engine and use one of the proposed options.

The third method involves using the BitTorrent client. According to his testimony, when you download a file, you can determine the speed of your Internet connection with maximum accuracy. Outgoing speed can be checked too. To do this, you do not need to immediately turn off the program after the file has been downloaded, but take part in the distribution for some time.

The fourth way is to install specialized programs like JDAST and Speedtest4free. However, this is not always advisable, because often checking speed parameters is not required daily. In addition, any software will additionally load the computer.

When to check
In addition, you must consider the time at which it is best to check the speed of your Internet connection. It is believed that these indicators need to be fixed at the time of the peak load on the provider. Usually this period falls in the evening from six to twelve o’clock, when everyone comes home from work and begins to actively use the Internet.

If at the peak of the load the speed is exactly what is stated by the provider, or is close to these indicators, then everything is fine, you can trust the provider. If there is a constant disconnection and the speed decreases, then you will either have to change the provider, or deal with this problem.

Another way to check network connection speed
This indicator can also be checked by solving your problems. For example, you can talk with someone on Skype, while disabling all downloads. If the connection during the conversation is stable, then everything is fine and you should not worry about the quality of the connection.

Why speed is low
Having figured out how to check the speed of your Internet connection, let’s think about why this parameter is low.

The first reason may be the provider. Unfortunately, we can influence his actions only by constant complaints about low speed.

The second reason may be a computer, which you first need to understand, as it should.

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