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How does 3g internet work?

3G (third generation English) in translation means the third generation. In the context of our article, this is the 3rd generation of mobile communication technologies. Generation No. 1 – analog mobile phones, No. 2 – digital. The third generation of 3G is also used in multimedia mobile phones, the so-called smartphones. Smartphones have several ranges and the ability to transfer data at high speeds.

3G is a list of services that include mobile Internet access using radio communications, which creates a channel for transmitting information at high speed. There are two 3G standards in the world: UMTS and CDMA2000 (further development of the second generation standard CDMA One). UMTS is popular mainly in Europe and the Russian Federation, CDMA2000 – in America and Asia. UMTS is the mobile telecommunication system used by the most popular operators – Beeline, Megafon, MTS. There is also TD-SCDMA, the standard of 3rd generation Chinese mobile networks.

Mobile Internet among these services is one of the most significant positions. 3G networks enable their users to use 2 main services – data transfer and voice communication. This kind of communication is based on packet data.

To implement third-generation systems, unified communication standards have been carefully thought out: speech is also transmitted in a high-quality manner, as if voice was transmitted in communication networks by wire; the same security as in wired networks is provided, international and national roaming is provided, several international and local operators are supported. 3G voice services apply a coding system at many levels of CDMA.

Due to this, it is possible to guarantee confidentiality of conversations and greater noise immunity of communication. When transferring 3G data, the Internet has an undeniable plus – high speed, ranging from 144 Kbps to 2 Mbps. The speed will depend on the type of device that the data is transmitted from, the quality of the network reception, the tariff plan of your operator and the dynamics (mobility) of the object, that is, whether you are walking or not walking during the data transfer process.

Thanks to 3G, the entire spectrum of frequencies, channel and packet communications are effectively used, multi-level cellular structures are supported, communication with satellite communication systems is carried out, and the data transfer speed is gradually increased up to 2 Mbps.

Contrary to the fact that the goal of the communications industry is to create one mobile communications environment for the whole world, one that supports wideband systems and provides absolute mobility, everything is going to create a certain range of quality standards that provide 3rd generation services .

3G networks operate in the decimeter frequency range of about 2 GHz and transmit data, as already mentioned, at a speed of 2 Mbps. This makes it possible to carry out high-quality video and telephone communications, you can watch TV shows, movies, etc. on your smartphone or on any other gadget.

To download an MP3 song with a length of 3 minutes, it takes about 15 seconds, while in a 2nd generation mobile phone it would take about eight hours. Since the Internet works in 3G at a very high speed, this technology is ideal for receiving and sending information from the Internet, for receiving and sending “large-caliber” multimedia files.

3G phones are a kind of mini-laptops that can “open” large, “heavy” applications, videos. They are ideal for receiving and sending faxes and downloading email messages with applications. But, of course, this requires base stations that transmit radio signals from one telephone to another.

In order to freely use the Internet in your phone, when you purchase it, you need to know at what 3G frequency it works. Your choice of telephone should match the frequency provided by your service providers. The tactics of migration to 3G functionality include the construction of new and expansion of old broadband radio networks that can share a standard core network.

Today’s economic realities are such that 3G should cover a wide range of techniques and radio frequencies, transmission technologies and switching platforms. When the standards are fully adopted, the focus will be on services and applications, rather than technologies that are used to popularize them.

There are a lot of opportunities for users of mobile devices with 3G – from full communication on forums and social networks, receiving and transferring pictures and photos, watching videos, remote access to databases, to unlimited possibilities of interactive and multimedia services, video conferencing and video telephony.

3G Internet will very soon give you the opportunity to get acquainted with traffic on the go, visit any country with the help of a virtual guide and find out information on the QR code of the brand. This is the minimum that will be available to us in the foreseeable future.

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